Integrated Grid Pilot Projects

A number of pilot projects are underway across the U.S. testing a variety of technologies in the pilot program categories. Below is more about each one.

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Explore ways to integrate utility scale solar PV and the resultant benefits and costs.
Solar With Energy Storage
Evaluate the integration, benefits and costs of utility scale solar with energy storage.
Distributed Energy Storage
Assess optons to integrate distributed energy storage and evaluate the associated benefits and cost.
Explore a variety of microgrids, integration options, and resultant benefits and costs.
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Evaluate the integration, benefits and costs of EV charging
Customer-Side Technologies
Assess approaches for integration of customer-side technologies including benefits and costs.

EPRI’s Technology Pilot Demonstrations are intended to provide all stakeholders with a better understanding of the operational values, performance issues and economic benefits of an Integrated Grid—specifically opportunities created by distributed energy resources. Additional demonstrations in different regions and using different technology combinations will broaden data sets and provide greater opportunities for shared learning.

This approach to evaluating the Integrated Grid will provide a testing platform for how traditional approaches will evolve with the application of advanced forecasting techniques, advanced controls, and resultant changes to dispatch and operational practices. Benefit-cost analyses, based on sound engineering and economic practice, will provide a consistent, repeatable and transparent method for assessing the many potential power system configurations, leading to better-informed decisions that impact producer and consumer alike.