Energy Utilization

  • PowerStream’s Power House

  • ComEd’s Smart Energy Hub

  • Iberdrola PV + ES Behind Meter

    This project explored the design of off-grid systems and various ways the cost/reliability tradeoff might be mitigated through load management and local backup generation using fossil fuels. It also explored the opportunity costs associated with the absence of the grid connection, such as the loss of the ability to sell unused power and thus avoid energy waste.

  • Development and Demonstration of an Intelligent Circuit Breaker for Energy Management

    This project is developing an intelligent, remotely controllable EMCB that can be applied as an end use monitoring, metering, and control device. Two versions of the EMCB are being proposed: (1) a basic version that can be applied to any load that can benefit from the added capability of remote power/energy metrology and on/off control; and (2) an advanced version that allows for the additional functionality required to manage plug-in electric vehicle charging.