Nadav Enbar

Nadav Enbar

Senior Project Manager
Integration of Distributed Renewables
Electric Power Research Institute
Boulder, CO

Nadav Enbar is a Senior Project Manager in the Integration of Distributed Renewables program at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His current research activities focus on helping energy companies identify and manage the challenges of incorporating increasing levels of distributed energy resources—primarily variable solar energy supplies—on the transmission and distribution network. He is also spearheading EPRI’s effort to evaluate innovative utility solar business models, track solar market trends, and analyze energy storage project developments throughout the United States.

Enbar has provided qualitative analysis of the energy sector since 2003. Prior to joining EPRI in 2010, he was a research director for research and advisory firm IDC Energy Insights. In his role, he reported on a variety of topic areas in the distributed and renewable energy fields, including price and performance trends within the wind and solar PV segments, utility energy storage and CO2 emissions mitigation initiatives, policy approaches for enabling greater grid integration of renewables, and market-based environmental mediation practices.

Earlier, Enbar contracted his services to energy consultancies Summit Blue (now Navigant) and Sieben Energy Associates. Among his contributions as an independent consultant were the development of a five-year strategic energy efficiency plan for a large U.S. utility, a comparative assessment of the demand side management (DSM) portion of electric utility integrated resource plans, and an evaluation of DSM modeling approaches. Previous to his career in energy, Nadav worked at Business Week.

Enbar received a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Rochester and a Master of Arts in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago.