Bernard F. Neenan

Bernard F. Neenan

Technical Executive
Electric Power Research Institute

Bernie Neenan is a Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His research focus is characterizing how electricity consumers respond to prices and information, and quantifying the benefits of disruptive technologies such as hyper-efficient energy devices, smart grid and smart meter grid technologies, and electric vehicles.

Neenan is managing a collaborative initiative to develop protocols to guide pilots and experiments aimed at providing an insightful and actionable understanding of how feedback influences household electricity consumption. To foster and direct research on advanced electric devices and technologies, he and his colleagues at EPRI are devising a robust cost and benefit framework for identifying and quantifying the benefits attributable to investments in smart grid and hyper-efficient technologies. He is managing a utility collaborative to characterize customer wants and expectations for electric vehicles, and to develop a diffusion model to support utility electric vehicle readiness activities.

For 25 years, Neenan has been at the forefront of designing, implementing, and evaluating retail electricity services to provide customers with pricing plans that promote efficiency and improve customer service. He has been engaged in initiatives that successfully integrated demand response into ISO/RTO market planning, scheduling, and dispatch operations. The analytical and empirical methodologies that resulted from that research have been employed by ISOs/RTOs, public agencies, utilities, and competitive retailers to value and price demand response.

Neenan holds a bachelor’s and a doctorate degree in agricultural economics from Cornell University, and a master’s in food and resource economics from the University of Florida.