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The Integrated Grid

The electric power system is changing with the rise of distributed energy resources (DER) connected to the distribution system. In many settings these distributed resources already affect the grid, and their projected expansion may significantly change the technical, operational, environmental and financial character of the electricity sector.

To realize fully the value of distributed resources and to serve all consumers at established standards of quality and reliability, the need has arisen to integrate DER in the planning and operation of the electricity grid and to expand its scope to include DER operation – what EPRI is calling the Integrated Grid.

EPRI has begun work on a three-phase initiative to provide stakeholders with information and tools. The first two phases of work have been explored in two reports: The Integrated Grid: Realizing the Full Value of Central and Distributed Energy Resources and The Integrated Grid Phase II: Development of a Benefit-Cost Framework. The intent of these papers is to align stakeholders on the main issues while outlining real examples to support open fact-based discussion. Input and review were provided by various stakeholders from the energy sector including utilities, regulatory agencies, equipment suppliers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other interested parties.

Phase III of the initiative is underway as a myriad of pilot projects with EPRI members are putting the Framework into action by testing the analysis through actual and proposed scenarios.

The Integrated Grid Online Community

This moderated community endeavors to provide a common ground for people who share an interest in all facets of the Integrated Grid.

This Community will serve as a repository for papers, research and demo findings, presentations, webcasts, Tweets, and other supporting materials (located on our Resources page).

Our Conversations will feature informal insights from our Community Experts on current and upcoming events, commentary on recent developments, and other industry observations.

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